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Master Artificial Intelligence, Build Autonomous Systems

Learn to make intelligent robots, self driving cars and autonomous drones, through our simple DIY programmes.

Currently Available Programmes

Learn artificial intelligence and robotics, at your own pace!

Mastering Autonomous Vehicles

In another few years most of teh vehicles on the road will be self-driving. The techno0logies are already out there. In this multi levcel programme, you will master technologies behind autonomous vehicles and build one self-driving car.

Python and Deep Neural Networks

The course is an introduction to deep learning systems and methodologies. We start with object detection and identification, where we distingusih between vehicles moving on the road and humans walking through the same road.

Python and Data Engineering

 Each day huge amounts of data are generated from our life. Modern technologies use this data to make our life simpler. This makes data engineering a bright spot in future career market. Mastering Python will help you to master data engineering.


Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can be used to buid several smart products. In this programme, you will learn how to build artificial intelligent solutions with Raspberry Pi 3. You can start from the very basics of Raspberry Pi.

WOW! Workshop of Weekends

Attend one day advanced workshop and learn making smart products with Raspberry Pi3 for only RM 100.

Mastering Autonomous Vehicles

Build your own intelligent self-driving car!


Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Age Group: 13-17

Learning is based on a robotic car kit. Students will learn to assemble the car and write code to make the car self driving using images from a camera, by understanding road and detecting obstacles. Raspberry Pi is used as the brain of the robotic car.


Object identification and Classification
Age Group: 15+ or Level 1 Completed

Learning is based on a robotic car kit. Students will learn to assemble the car and write code to make the car self driving using advanced artificial intelligence techniques and image processing. Raspberry Pi is used as the brain of the robotic car.


Artificial Intelligence on GPU Boards
Age Group: 20+ and Engineering Studies

Learning is based on a high performance small sized embedded GPU board and real in-vehicle implementations. Students will learn to develop a real automomous car using deep artificial neural networks and machine learning techniques.

Why I Should Take This Course?

Importamce of learning artificial intelligence based autonomous vehicles.
Self-driving vehicles or autonomous vehicles (AV) are one of the most discussed technology sector. Their impact on our life will be beyond technological advancements, going deep into how we build our future cities and change our life styles.

The core technologies that enable autonomous vehicles are artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing, high speed wireless communication and sensor miniaturization; and ongoing advances in these technologies result in unique challenges.

Current generation of engineers and technicians will play a key role in the development of future AV, and it is important that students graduate from an undergraduate engineering programs and even high school students prepared for the electronic design, test and measurement challenges needed to be solved in the industry.

With a team consisting of several years of experience and expertise in electronic product design, cloud based technologies and intellectual property, we are ready to help young generation to nurture the next generation of AV ready professionals.

The course in Autonomous Vehicles is divided into three levels so that different communities of students ranging from school students to professional engineers can take part. The entire programme is arranged as a DIY way, so the students will learn through fun.

In this course, you will learn about how autonomous vehicles work, and you’ll make and drive your very first autonomous vehicle model. The course will introduce how to use artificial intelligent techniques like neural networks to control an autonomous car from camera images.

Students who enroll in this self-driving car program will master the technologies behind driverless vehicles and the future directions. From the model autonomous car built, they can scale it to different real world situation in autonomous vehicles and intelligent robots.


We Will Call You Back

Since this is a unique programme of its kind, more details will be provided on personal request only. Feel free to contact us.